About Us

Welcome to our website for our True Crime Comedy Podcast 'How To Not Get Killed'! Chances are, if you're here you already know a little bit about us. But if not, that's ok. We'll do a little intro now:

Beckie and Hailey have been best friends for nearly over 15 years now, and counting. We went to high school together, but met back when we were both in elementary school, and have been inseparable ever since. We've always shared a true love for all things crime, horror, and comedy.  We have also always bonded over our strange love for learning about different serial killers and trying to solve the unsolvable together. We're known for our outrageously dark humour. Below you'll see a little bio on each of us to get to know us a little bit better!


Meet Hailey:


Hailey is our resident paranormal spooky expert, along with a little twist of a specialty in local Canadian cases! Hailey has a double major in Criminology & Film Studies, and is now pursuing her Masters in Speech Language Pathology (how cool is that??). Not only is Hailey just naturally a brilliant smarty pants, she also loves reading (and somehow crushes basically a whole book in like one sitting?), but she also loves painting. Hailey was born and raised in London Ontario. We often joke about Hailey's favourite food group being Butter, or basically anything soaked in butter: popcorn, bread, garlic shrimp, YOU NAME IT! So if we ever get around to doing live shows and meet all of our fellow true crime lovers, make sure to shower Hailey with all things deliciously soaked in butter, and probably some Stephen King books, but lets be serious I'm pretty sure she already owns every single one anyways. 

Meet Beckie:

Beckie loves jumping into the mind of the most heinous killers and trying to debunk WHY they do the things that they do. While obviously poking fun at them for being complete jerks who take the lives of completely innocent people. Beckie has studied in the field of Developmental Disabilities, as well as Law. She has worked in the field of Developmental Support for nearly 7 years in a group home setting supporting individuals with disabilities. She is also currently getting her Honours Bachelor Degree in Behavioural Psychology. While she's doing that, she also runs her own Knitwear Design and Pottery business called Pots&Knots, you can check her out on instagram @_potsandknots or her website at www.potsandknots.ca  . Beckie has two fur babies (yes she's one of those people who says that, cue eye roll) named Oscar and Taco, who if you've listened to the podcast before you've probably heard them making ridiculous sounds in the background of just about every episode. So when Beckie isn't researching a serial killer for her next case, or finishing a research paper for school, you can find her knitting her poor little wrists to the bone while watching some of her favourite shows.